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Buck Owens

Buck Owens Album: “Hot Dog!”

Album Information :
Title: Hot Dog!
Release Date:1988-11-16
Genre:Country, Vintage Country, Oldies
Explicit Lyrics:Yes
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Track Listing :
Johnny Heering "trivia buff" (Bethel, CT United States) - March 31, 2006
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- Rest in peace Buck Owens.

This was Buck Owens comeback album from 1988. He had been pretty much retired for the previous seven years, until Dwight Yoakam brought him out of retirement to sing a duet of Buck's old song "Streets of Bakersfield". After that song became a #1 hit, Buck was given a recording contract by his old label, Capitol Records. And that's where this album came from. It is a short album, being just 26 minutes long. The only songs here that Buck never recorded before are the new song "Put a Quarter in the Jukebox" and Eddie Cochran's hit "Summertime Blues". The rest of the material consists of new versions of songs that Buck had previously recorded. Most of the old songs that Buck chose to redo here are songs that he felt were good, but hadn't received as much attention as they deserved. The one song here that actually was a big hit for Buck way back when is "Under Your Spell Again", which is redone here as a duet with Dwight Yoakam. This is actually a very good album. Buck sounds just like he always did, and they wisely didn't try to update his sound too much. Buck's fans should enjoy this album. Here is the complete track listing:

1. Don't Let Her Know

2. A-11

3. Summertime Blues

4. Memphis

5. Hot Dog

6. Put a Quarter in the Jukebox

7. Under Your Spell Again

8. Second Fiddle

9. Sweethearts in Heaven

10. Keys in the Mailbox

R. Webb "minstrel man" (u.s.a.) - June 04, 2008
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- One More For Buck's Sake

The year was 1988 when Buck Owens happen to see Dwight Yoakam on Austin City Limits, in Texas and thereafter Yoakam persuaded Buck, the ol' troubadour out of retirement. So, this would be the comeback record we waited for and its a good one. This recording means alot to me, Buck did a small tour the same year around the country to promote this new record and to get back in the groove. What was good about this Buck came around my part of town in Alexandria,Va., at a place called the Birchmere, a small classy type of honky tonk and me and a lady friend and another couple were there sitting right in front of the stage, there was Buck Owens and the Buckeroos. (not the original members.) The crowd was so enthusiastic we wouldn't even let the man talk, Mr.Owens was so frustrated at one point he said, damnet will you let me talk?!...anyway Buck was in top form that night and even though the band wasn't the original Buckeroos, they were right on the money with Buck all the way. I remember the guitars Buck was playing that night, the famous red, white, and blue acoustic and Don Rich's gold speckled, white pickguard telecaster given to Buck from Rich's wife after his fatal, tragic, motorcycle accident. Buck and the band were playing all the classics and all the songs off this Capitol album, "HOT DOG", - "Somebody Put A Quarter In The Jukebox", "Don't Let Her Know", "Summertime Blues", a great cover version, along with Chuck Berry's "Memphis". I'll never forget that night, but most all I won't forget the man, the entertainer Buck Owens. (worth your while to add this to your Buck collection, it is out of print, if you check out the sellers on Amazon you might get lucky like I did.)

David M. Mansfield - April 02, 2010
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- Buck Owens...early Buck

Unfortunately, I did not notice that this was a cassette when I ordered it...my error, not the seller. As a result I have not been able to give it a quality listen. However, I was looking for a recording of Buck Owens doing "Hot Dog" to compare with his earlier recording of "Hot Dog" as Corky Jones. Same song, as good as always. Will transfer to CD to get more listening time on this one.

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